Natures Visual Art

As you all know,  last week we have been very busy with the preparation for the creative network sessions. I apologize for the delay in posting! To make up for that I am gonna present you something really amazing today, the Aurora Borealis.

About a year ago I had the incredible possibility to see one of the most impressive naturally occuring phenomenons, a true display of visual art in nature: the Aurora Borealis also known as the Nothern Lights.

The Aurora Borealis, is a light display caused by the collision of energetic charged particles with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere. It is a simply amazing picture and has been one of the most inspiring moments of my life. You can see the Northern Lights in the northern parts of countries like Finland, Norway, Sweden and Alaska, but also in high altitudes in Canada, Iceland and northern Russia. Enough with the technical stuff, here is a incredible video about the Aurora Borealis in Finland. Sit back, relax and enjoy!


And a little picture with proof:


I can’t explain the feeling when I stepped out of the house and saw the colors dancing right above us. It was worth every second of standing out in -15°C. I highly encourage everyone to go on an adventure like this.

Have you ever seen something truly amazing like this? Visual Art created by nature? I would love to hear some of your experiences…



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