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Caine’s Arcade

Since our whole project revolves around creativity and visual culture (and maybe also a little bit of entrepreneurship to some extend), today I want to show you something cute which will hopefully make you smile or maybe even shed a tear of hapiness…

Earlier this year I came across this video of Caine, who build his own Arcade in the car shop of his father in East LA. The amount of creativity, originality and just dedication of this little 9 year old boy really warms my heart. On the other hand the power of social media and a movie (as part of visual culture) also really impressed me. BUT there is not much more to say about it, you have to see for yourself…



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How to Launch a Milkshake

Dear Readers,

We are having our Creative Network Session 2.0 tomorrow and we’re currently pretty busy with the preparation to make sure it’s going to be as successful as possible! That’s why I won’t be writing a long, extensive post today… Apologies! But don’t be too sad cause I do want to share something really cool!

Two weeks ago I showed you ‘Dumb Ways to Die” which is in my opinion a fantastic example of creative marketing, but I have another video for you today. It is basically an interactive marketing campaign in the form of a modern treasure hunt. And guess what? It is all about a milkshake! Watch the video to find out what happens to cows in Norway:

Keep an eye on this blog if you want to know which ideas come out of the Creative Network Session!


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These days I have spent a lot of time on my computer typing reports for the final weeks of school. I noticed that I always use the same font and started wondering about different ones and their influence. Today I thought I would share this with you.

Typoraphy is the art and technique to make language visible. The term comprises type faces, point size, line lenght and spacing and several other factors. The most commonly used fonts are probably Times New Roman or the new standard font “Calibri” by word. But there are many more than just these. On I found a few very nice examples of Typography in Marketing.

Optimum Health – Never Eat More Than You Can Lift

Huawei – Finger Fun

Gulf News – Second Thing in the Morning

Bombay Red Cross – Martin Luther King


Jung von Matt – Anatomy of a Great Idea

Rogaine – Thinner

Typography is actually a pretty important tool for marketing. Logos for brands like  for example Coca Cola are completely based on just the typography and can create a unique value of brand recognition.

I personally have never paid attention to typography before, but the examples I found on and blogs like or are very inspiring and creative.

Take a minute and have a look and get inspired. Enjoy!





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Dumb Ways to Die!

Marketing campaigns that are aiming at raising awareness for safety usually make use of the ‘’shock effect’’. For an old campaign a video of a train passing by, followed by someone zipping up a body bag was showed. However, this video is seen as ineffective nowadays and people do not like to be told what to do.

Today, I would like to share a creative marketing campaign that was devised by advertising agency McCann Melbourne. Since we’ve seen this video we have been singing the song over and over again and I must warn you that you probably won’t get it out of your head either.

The key metrics for the new campaign were simple and easy: It must be incredibly likable and different and it must tell a story. McCann Melbourne’s success also derived from the fact that they know their audience. This video is what came out of it (Keep an eye on the skeleton in the back, he’s my favourite!):

YouTube said that this is the biggest shared campaign ever, with reaching over 28,000,000 views in just two weeks time. It is a long term campaign and they are currently working on the development of games and books for schools. The message from Metro Trains Melbourne is very clever and clear in my opinion and the song (by Tangerine Kitty) is brilliant. So be safe around the train guys! And don’t use your private parts as piranha bait….


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Natures Visual Art

As you all know,  last week we have been very busy with the preparation for the creative network sessions. I apologize for the delay in posting! To make up for that I am gonna present you something really amazing today, the Aurora Borealis.

About a year ago I had the incredible possibility to see one of the most impressive naturally occuring phenomenons, a true display of visual art in nature: the Aurora Borealis also known as the Nothern Lights.

The Aurora Borealis, is a light display caused by the collision of energetic charged particles with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere. It is a simply amazing picture and has been one of the most inspiring moments of my life. You can see the Northern Lights in the northern parts of countries like Finland, Norway, Sweden and Alaska, but also in high altitudes in Canada, Iceland and northern Russia. Enough with the technical stuff, here is a incredible video about the Aurora Borealis in Finland. Sit back, relax and enjoy!


And a little picture with proof:


I can’t explain the feeling when I stepped out of the house and saw the colors dancing right above us. It was worth every second of standing out in -15°C. I highly encourage everyone to go on an adventure like this.

Have you ever seen something truly amazing like this? Visual Art created by nature? I would love to hear some of your experiences…



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Play with your food!

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We have already written a lot about food and visual arts. Even about the two combined already. But what about visual arts that is made of food? There are a lot of exhibitions and arts works in which artists use food as one or more materials. I came across some while searching on the internet and I find if quite interesting to see. Especially since there is a story behind it. Yes true, this is at almost every art work, but still it seems somewhat more interesting when food is involved to me.

These artists has taken their creativity to a yummy level!

There are even paintings that where all the materials used are made of food products. So has Carl Warner, a photographer based in London, made a so called foodscapes: landscapes made of food. In the picture below, a pea pod boat sails away from a land made of bread and potatoes, over a sea of salmon. Funny huh?!

Some artists are only using them since they do not see the point of wasting it. Which brings them back to our project. Others are doing it because they want to stand out from the crowd. The artists Zoe Leonard made ‘untitled’ are pieces, in which she ate the food products but only left the skin and used this skin to make an art work of it. Everybody is throwing them away, since it is not normal to eat, but she is showing them in another light.

“I was tired of wasting things, throwing things out all the time,” she says, as quoted in the sign listed next to her piece.

So do not listen to your mother and play with your food!

X Kim

Green up the city!

Street art or graffiti has always been and always will be the guerilla kind of visual culture. One of my colleagues has recently posted about Banksy in her post ‘Banging your head against a brick wall’.

Today I would like to write about guerilla gardening, specifically about the technique Moss Graffiti.

I have seen posts and instructions how to make moss graffiti on several websites and blogs and was really impressed and inspired by this movement. Moss graffiti is basically the green version of regular graffiti – mixing moss with natural ingredients (here is a tutorial if you ever want to try this out) and painting this mixture on walls and other objects. The difference, apart from the obvious, is that this kind of graffiti needs to be watered – it is a living object!

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Most of the people are opposed to graffiti because in their opinion it is vandalism of public and private properties – but I believe that graffiti adds value to the character of a city and makes it unique in its own way. And moss graffiti is a great new approach to turn this much hated illegal guerilla art movement into something that is socially more accepted. Everybody is talking about eco-friendliness and sustainability – eco-friendly graffiti that green up cities? Nothing wrong with that!

Unfortunately I have not seen any moss graffiti in real life yet but I hope that these pieces of art will pop up everywhere soon.

Green up your cities!


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Social Innovation Sessions with Network Opportunity

In the course of this project we have created a sort of scheme on how to bring the two worlds of visual culture and food together and came up with the idea of a creative workshop and network session. The workshops will take place next week and we have still spots available for the sessions on Thursday. If you would like to participate or know someone that would like to come, just sent us an email to

The content of these sessions will be in Dutch. Here you can find the flyer and the program:


Tomorrows blog will focus on the content and set up of the workshops, but if you have any questions before hand don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Turn ordinary objects into visual culture


Some people can turn everything into art! I won’t even try to explain it, just look at these examples below.


Dirty visual culture!

I don’t have to tell you that visual culture can be seen everywhere and on many different objects. But do you think of visual culture when you see the image below?

I guess not! However the artist Scott Wade thinks about this differently. He amazed me by this beautiful art that he makes on the rear window of a car. Below you can see some examples. Still haven’t seen enough? Check out his website:


Old fashioned cassette tapes and film reels

What can you still do with these things! Well not a lot according to most people. Due to the technology these products are almost banned from our lives, but not for the artist Erika Iris Simmons. She uses these products to make portraits. Just take a look below at these amazing art pieces.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I guess I don’t need to explain more! So be inspired and when you are going to clean up your garage think about this again and see what you can do with objects that at first look useless.



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Fashion as visual culture

We are talking about visual culture for quite some time now within this blog, but did you know that fashion also belongs to visual culture? I did not realize this until yesterday. I knew photography is part of visual culture, but fashion is a different sector within it. So let’s look into this in more detail!

Fashion has become an intrinsic part of today’s visual culture. Magazines, glossies and women’s journals cannot exist without fashion. But on the same time, fashion cannot exist without these just mentioned media. The media has played a crucial role in shaping fashion into the cultural phenomenon as it is now. But let us go back to the roots..

..Since the invention of photography, TV, films and most importantly the internet, we have shifted from a verbal culture to a visual culture. ‘We are living in a culture of images, a society of the spectacle, a world of semblances and simulacra.’ (Mitchell, 1995) The visual culture of this time is both omnipresent, so to be found everywhere, as complex. And it is getting more and more complex because of new technologies. The image does not stand on itself anymore, but it is usually integrated with text and music. This also counts for fashion. A fashion photograph is now accompanied by a text or a capture and a fashion show is not the same, interesting show without music.

When I was talking with somebody who is organizing international fashion shows he also mentioned that it is so nice to see that every designer is bringing his own culture to the event. You can see it in their designs as well as their habits. Because of this, a unique experience is added to the event.

Not only the art form of fashion says something about culture. The commercial aspect is as important as well. Maybe this is even more important, since you experience this in daily life. People in Africa are dressing completely different then us, just because of their cultural habits. So, when looking at all these facts, it is actually quite logical that fashion belongs to visual culture.

Visual culture is everywhere around you!

X Kim


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