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Expressing your thoughts through Art: Exhibitions in the East of England

As you might have noticed by the limited blogs over the last week, it’s the Autumn break in The Netherlands! I would however like to share a very cool exhibition I went to today at the East Coast of England:  Walton-on-the-Naze.

It took a lot of zigzaging and bumpy roads to get there, however once you’ve arrived you can’t miss the Naze Tower. It is based on a cliff which already increases the excitement, however the tower might look a bit ordinary at first. Once you’ve entered the tower and climb up the stairs you’ll find three different exhibitions spread out over six different floors of the tower. All artworks were made by East Anglian artists.

There was one exhibition which I personally liked most. They were called ‘Mixed Media Paintings’ by Sarah Baird. Next to the beautiful paintings she made on wood, I really liked the small parts of text that seemed like newspaper titles and articles. I think she tried to make a point by expressing that point in her work, which I think is always very intriguing but she expressed it in a very subtle way. One painting only had an inspiring quote, another painting had actual parts of a newspaper article, which were (as far as I know) about banks and big companies making a mess of our welfare  I must say that these were all my own interpretations of her work, however isn’t that the fun thing about art?

Below are some pictures I took during my visit.

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Photo of The Naze Tower on cliffs retrieved from NazeTower

A few more things about the tower: Around the tower and the first two floors are arranged as tea rooms. One floor is arranged as a museum of the Walton-on-the-Naze area and if you climb all the way to the top of the tower you have a great view of the town and the coastline. If you happen to visit the East Coast of England (Essex/Norfolk), you should definitely pay a visit. Have a look at their website and the webpage with information on the different exhibitions all year around.

Sarah Baird has a blog too! Click here to have a look what she’s been up to and other work she has done.


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The influence of artwork or the phenomenon of record heads….

I would like to dedicate this blog to something that I am particularly fond of, music. I have always loved music and bought many CD’s and even some vinyl. Next to the music being an art itself, the artwork in my opinion has a very strong influence on the record. The art work reflects the intention of a record, it can become a symbol for the record and sticks in people’s minds. We probably all remember these records, because of their artwork:

Next to the well known artworks, there are many records by smaller bands with impressive and very creative artworks, like this one:

Touche Amore – Parting the sea… (designed by Nick Steinhardt)

Besides enjoying to buy records with great artwork and owning some of my own, I have friends that own shelf’s full of vinyl: vinyl with great artwork designed by creative people. I have the honor of being friends with some very creative talents from all over the world, working for example for companys like Smog Design in Los Angeles, who design covers for famous artists like Britney Spears, Katey Perry and Disney movies like Brave. You should check out their portfolio, it’s impressive. Click here to visit their website…

While we are on the subject of records, I came across something interesting a while back and have been fascinated and amused at the same time ever since. A phenomenon with many different names: sleevefaces, record heads, LP Portraits: People cover a part of their body with an LP sleeve to create an illusion. They create funny and/or authentic pictures with different record artworks. There is a book about this form of art, as well as websites, flickr pools and millions of pictures all over the internet.

These are a few of my favorites that I found over the time, to share exclusively with you:

If you are interested in looking at some more sleeveface, LP portraits or record heads you can find the flickr pool here, the website here, a tumblr here and the google picture search gives you a great choice of pictures.

You could also go ahead and buy the book, I am definitely going to do the same. Enjoy! SH

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The Power and Influence of Images…

Images can express more than words, they can influence, make you think and aware of trivial things – they have an impact on you.

Recently, I have followed one of my favourite photographer’s work on a new exhibition called “Underwater Suicides” – sounds morbid? It does, but knowing the story and concept behind this title, it all makes sense! I am talking about Mehmet Turgut, a professional photographer from Ankara, Turkey.

The aim of this exhibition is to become aware of what we are actually doing – according to Mehmet Turgut, we are unconsciously committing suicide by polluting our environment and that we need to stop.  This wake-up call, expressed in strong images, is a brilliant example of bridging between a societal challenge and visual culture. Not only is his work inspiring but it also gives me food for thought. What about you?

The exhibition “Underwater Suicides” – curated by Ayşegül Dinçkök, İpek Sorak as art director and Umut Eker as fashion editor and professional diver Selin Beşkardeş Öztunalı as model – can be visited from the 27th of September until the 4th of October 2012 in Hasköy Yün İplik Fabrikası, Istanbul – so if you happen to be in Istanbul around that time, do not miss out on this!

You can find more info about this exhibition by simply clicking on the poster above (info is in Turkish only!).

Want to see more of Mehmet Turgut?! You can find him on Facebook and deviantART.

And because images are stronger than words – here is a Behind the Scenes video from the photo shoot:


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