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Eating insects: The most sustainable and healthy option?!

Eating ecologically, eating sustainably, eating healthy… Sometimes you just don’t know what you’re  allowed to eat these days. I would like to discuss a combination of all three,  which The Guardian considers to be the food of the future: Insects.

During our fieldtrip to exhibition “De Etende Mens” in Eindhoven, The Netherlands we already got familiar with this matter as a part of the exhibition was devoted to future foods and insects. We were all a bit sceptical about the idea as we couldn’t imagine ourselves eating grasshoppers and maggots, but maybe we just need to get used it? I couldn’t help but thinking of Disney’s Lion King, when ‘Simba’ adapts to his new friends and forces himself to eat insects and after that actually quite likes them… Maybe we all need a Lion King-moment to get used to something new?

As you may know, eating insects isn’t that strange in countries such as Thailand where fried spiders and centipedes are available on local markets and restaurants. A very sustainable and healthy  choice, since insects can be multiplied easily, only a minimum of space and resources are needed and has a very low carbon emission. Furthermore most insects contain 40 to 70% protein, which is much more than e.g. sweet corn with only 10%. So why are we not eating it then? One of the reasons might be that insects are not that common in e.g. Europe, since at least 24% of all eatable insects live in Asia, 38% in Africa and only 2% in Europe (Duurzaaminsecteneten, 2012).

I must admit that I don’t think that I will be eating insects in the near future and I’m not expecting you to do so (unless you’re from one of those countries where it’s part of daily life of course!), however maybe we should try to get used to the idea and not creep out when hearing about it or seeing it? Therefore, I included a few pictures of the exhibition ‘De Etende Mens’ and other pictures of eatable insects for you so you can see and decide for yourself what you think! I also included a few pictures of the insect scene from the Lion King, to remind you of that scene in case it didn’t ring a bell just yet!


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Sources pictures: Walt Disney & The Guardian (2012)

Click here for a list list of eatable insects.



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Glow 2012, Eindhoven

Yesterday I went to an event in Eindhoven called glow. For those who are not familiar with this event; it is an annual, weekly forum of light in art and architecture. This year it runs from November 10-17.

The theme of GLOW 2012 is Façades & Faces. Artists reveal the different faces and views on facades, squares and public spaces in Eindhoven through different creations of light. They use light to create art objects and at the same time let the public see the centre of Eindhoven in a different way. Artists challenge the public to not look at things in a ‘realistic‘ way, but try to let them envision architecture in a different way.

It was my first time to attend GLOW and I was surprised by the number of people that walked the route. Positively surprised. There were a great number of people that came to the city and it made it a cozy and social experience. (Last year the amount of visitors was estimated at 360.000!)

Eindhoven is a candidate for the European Capital of Culture 2018. This event also acts as a tool to create more awareness for the city and proves the city is a suitable candidate for the title. In the coming years the event aims to become an international and experimental meeting place where innovative developments of light will be presented.

I would recommend you to go visit the GLOW event in Eindhoven. It is a good way of spending your leisure time and get inspired. Glow is still on until Saturday 17 November From 11 pm – 1 am.

Enjoy your weekend!


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European Capital of Culture 2018: BrabantStad

The initiative of European Capital of Culture has become one of the most high-profile cultural events in Europe and it provides living proof of the richness and diversity of culture on the continent. More than 40 cities have been ECoC so far but you probably think now; why is this interesting for your project?

Well, five cities in Brabant – Breda, Den Bosch, Eindhoven, Helmond & Tilburg – are nominated to become European Capital of Culture 2018! This initiative is called BrabantStad and it is defined as a competitive and sustainable developing urban network. The nominated cities are not only selected on their current situation but also on their plans for the future. BrabantStad has set up 6 goals for the future:

1. Balance between urban and green

2. Sustainable and environmental friendly region

3. High quality cultural, sports and economic facilities

4. Leading knowledge and innovation region of Europe

5. Internal and external accessibility

6. BrabantStad, a strong network.

Below you can find the English Promo video of BrabantStad:

In relation to this project, visual culture is playing an important role within Brabantstad  This specific notion of art is the upcoming trend in Breda and its surroundings and encompasses the phenomenon of images in every medium – be it advertising, film or paintings. So actually, the visual culture of Brabant will be influenced by the candidacy of European Capital of Culture. Keep an eye on this blog if you want to find out more!



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