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Help needed: Art projects of your interest!

I will start this blog with apologising to our non-Dutch speaking followers as I came across a website which is only in Dutch. At first I wasn’t sure whether to share it with you because I want everyone to understand it, but I liked this initiative that much that I decided to do anyway and I’m hoping to hear about similar initiatives around the world!

The website I’m talking about is online platform voordekunst.nl . If you haven’t heard of this website already or did not have a proper look at all the different projects to be found on the website, I will explain it to you and I hope you will pay a visit! Voordekunst.nl is a  website that enables professional but also amateur artists who started a project to share these initiatives with anyone who would like to support them financially.

Projects that can be found on the website vary from music to debate, from fashion to mime and of course: Visual culture (In Dutch: Beeldende kunst). The thing I like most is that anyone who has a creative idea  is enabled to realise this with the help of people and companies who believe in this idea. Whether you’re a big company with interest in art, a family member of someone who is working on one of the projects or just someone like me who feels empathy for people who try to get a message across by approaching people in a creative way: anyone can support them. A donation starts at only 10 Euros with a maximum of 750 Euros.

The first project I liked in particular is the one below. Maybe not relevant to ours but no less interesting! FYI: It has English subtitles.

I also came across a project that is pretty relevant to our project: The importance of the pollination of bees, regarding food (We lose bees = we lose food!) They say it’s a cross-over art and environment festival. No English subs this time but I don’t think you really need it so please do have a look!

For more information about Voordekunst, the different projects, how to support them or if you would like to enrol your project, have a look at their website: www.voordekunst.nl


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Internet memes, Icebergs and Visual Culture

Today’s blog will be about the definition of visual culture. I guess most of you will have an idea about what it is or might be, but honestly; would you be able to explain what it is and what it includes? Well, I couldn’t. But luckily, there is this thing on the internet called Google. After researching,  I came to the conclusion that visual culture means the following:

We all know what culture means, right? Think about and iceberg floating the sea –for example the one that caused the Titanic to sink, as we probably still recall the scene in the movie that was filmed underwater and the iceberg appeared to be gigantic. This iceberg represents culture, with the largest part being under the sea level and therefore invisible. This part exists out of norms, values, educational background, history and tradition. However, the tip of the iceberg can be seen. That tip, symbolizes visual culture. Examples? Media, fashion, film, advertising, internet memes, graphic design, videogames etc. Visual culture excists out of a mixture of technology, creativity and anthropology which seems to be different wherever you go. But what is happening at the moment when it comes to visual culture?

When I was looking for examples for you that would illustrate visual culture in modern daily life, I realised I went to visit a festival last month called Gogbot (www.2012.gogbot.nl ). This festival is about Art + Technology with internet memes and websites such as www.9gag.com and www.icanhas.cheezburger.com as one of the  main themes.

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If the visual and performing arts are about expressing emotions, providing entertainment and sharing political views, internet memes certainly have similar characteristics although creating memes can be done by anyone I suppose.  Remarkable in my opinion was that people with all kinds of different cultural backgrounds and all ages post on these websites and the memes can be found all over Facebook and Twitter. So actually, the internet does not only play a big role in the globalisation of the planet, but also affects visual culture in a way that it becomes more corresponding on a global level. Interesting to keep an eye on this development!


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