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Innovation by Nature: it’s everywhere

We have been writing about art, music and photography that can be a great inspiration to daily life. If you are not convinced by these sectors I have an alternative for you! I came across something that we might forget and don’t appreciate enough: Nature.

Biomimicry; Innovation inspired by Nature (biomimicry.net 2012) makes us aware that the answer to questions and the solution to problems is often around us, we just have to look closely. Janine Benyus is a natural sciences writer, innovation consultant and author from America who wrote several books on this topic and already gave an inspiring talk at TEDtalks in Monterey, California 5 years ago. To watch this talk click here.

You might  wonder, what has all that to do with creative industries and where are the artists? Well, my message with this blog is that the artists are around you. The artist is nature, among animals. We’re trying hard to come up with innovative ideas and we’re always seeking for something new to ‘solve problems’. Sometimes we need to take a step back and have a closer look at all the amazing things that nature has invented without our help.

Have a look at the examples below to get convinced by this thesis and convinced by the power of nature.

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(Sources: webecoist.momtastic 2011 & inhabitat.com 2012)

One of the examples I personally liked was the train inspired by the beak of a kingfisher. Usually when a ultrafast bullet train from Japan would exit a tunnel it caused turbulence and made a loud booming noise because of the air pushed out by the train. Kingfishers are known for diving in to the water quickly to catch a fish; there is no splash whatsoever because of the sharp shape of their beak. Applying this shape to the train solved the turbulence and booming sound it always used to make when leaving a tunnel. Another problem solved by the help of nature! (webecoist.momtastic.com 2011)

For more information click here. Biomimicry can also be applied to agriculture. Click here to find out how!


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Food water and energy issues in other parts of the world: Gujarat, India

This picture already shows what this blog item is about: The scarcity of water. But also the issues with food and energy, mainly the aspect that these three cannot be seen as separate items since they are all linked to one another, will be discussed in this article.

The article about Gujarat, India found on the news page of National Geographic Channel appeared to be quite interesting when looking on the food, water and energy supplies.

The northern part of the Gujarat state in western India suffers from the drought. Most of the rain will fall during monsoon season (June-September). As you can imagine it is not easy to grow food in such an area. Due to the demands of food the farmers have to find ways to grow food the whole year through. Therefore they invest huge amounts of money for installations and wells and they use a lot of energy to pump the water to the surface.

But besides the huge amount of energy used, there is another enormous problem that arises because of all the water that has been used by the farmers. In the whole area the water level dropped about 600 feet below the ground, which made many wells unusable. And therefore all people gather at one of the deeper wells in order to get a little water.

Food, water and energy issues cross many borders and everywhere in the world these issues apply to varying degrees.


Source: National geographic News (http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/energy/2012/04/120406-food-water-energy-nexus/)

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