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Vegetarian? I bet these stories sound familiar!

First of all I would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy and creative 2013! As you may have noticed it has been a while, however I came across a (to me) very funny article on BBC News Magazine and wanted to share it with you. The article “20 of your tales of vegetarian woe” (BBC, 2013) is a collection of different experiences and stories of vegetarians travelling across the world! 

I have been vegetarian for quite a while (14 years or so) and have experienced the difficulties but also funny situations when ordering food abroad. Not every country is that familiar with vegetarians and I can imagine how hard is must be to understand such thing when eating meat is so obvious. I must say that, throughout the years of being a vegetarian, a lot has changed. I also noticed that, even when it seems like a restaurant does not have any vegetarian dishes on the menu, they are most of the time willing to prepare something without meat after all, especially for you. In fact, these have always been delicious meals that made my carnivore friends jealous! Yet, I have also experienced holidays with the unavoidable fried cheese (see photo below) and big salads, night after night. Still, I have always been very appreciative of whatever dish they prepared for me, as I think it is great that they have all been open to the needs of their customers and to try something new.

Fried Cheese

Retrieved from: Easteuropeanfood.about.com (2012)

Retrieved from: Usahitman.com (2012)

Anyway, enough about me and my experiences of eating vegetarian abroad, the article I mentioned at the beginning of this blog is worth having a look at by clicking here.

Do you have any awkward, funny, difficult or very good experiences with ordering food as a vegetarian or with a specific diet across the globe? I am very curious to hearing about them!


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