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Calling for help by visual culture: Room wanted!!

Those who have read and heard a bit about our project knows that we will try to solve a societal challenge by means of visual culture… A bit vague? Well, I’ll give an example by means of a videoclip. I came across a very funny, clever and creative example of how to solve a societal challenge, in this case the lack of housing in Amsterdam, by visual culture. This guy, Kasper, is trying to find a room in Amsterdam, but did not succeed so far. I believe the video is spreading all over social media at the moment and the fact that I am writing about it as well tells me that using visual culture to get your message across can work pretty well!

Another video that drew my attention is the video ‘Share your green piece’ by Greenpeace, that won the Dutch Greenbusters Award. When having a good look at the video it looks like it may have been filmed on a very low budget, however the video is nice to watch and the message is not less powerful.  Please have a look at the video below and see how you can ‘Share your green piece’.

We’re always interested to hear about any creative and innovative ideas to solve our problems within the food sector. Any thoughts? Don’t hesitate and contact us now!


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Graphic design festival Breda – Visual storytelling

How do artists translate their message in a painting or art work? – I think this is an interesting question and I find it really interesting to see how much impact one picture can have on people. See yesterdays’ blog 😉 One picture can tell more than thousand words..

This was also the intention of this years’ Graphic design festival in Breda. This interesting festival is taking place every year and started three years ago. Every year, there is a different theme, which is this year: ‘Visual storytelling’.  A lot of national and international artists and painters are participating in this five day long festival, which this year begin on the 19th of September and just finished two days ago. This year, it was all about telling a story by means of the art.

The festival is noticeable throughout the entire city in a mysterious way. I am sure you all used google maps once in your life. Do you know the ‘A’ sign that indicates the place you are looking for? Well, this was in the middle of the city center and everybody was wondering what it did there. There were even newspapers that were writing about it. I think this is a really nice way of getting the attention of the people. This was a subject of the project so called ‘social signs’. Social media and the internet is becoming an important phenomenon nowadays and they have based a project on that. The ‘A’ sign was not the only thing that has been done to get people’s attention. National and international designers spread their work throughout the city center, which all told a different story. Next to that, a lot of fancy posters and pictures where spread throughout the city. I think, a lot of people did not even notice them. But once you paid attention, you saw them everywhere. In my opinion it brought a nice flavor to the city. Isn’t it really nice when you walk somewhere while it is all windy and raining and suddenly, out of nowhere, there is a beautiful piece of art standing in front of you?

During this festival people could join workshops and master classes from famous artists. There were free exhibition as well, each with a different touch. This festival is also a great opportunity for students who are studying art, since a lot of lectures were given and they even had time to show their portfolio.

Interested? – Unfortunately you have to wait until next year, but schedule it in your agenda already for next year September. Or keep an eye on the graphic design festivals around the world! Breda is not the only city that is hosting it!

x Kim

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