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Bridge Research Agency was founded in September 2012 by eight international students at the NHTV University of Applied Sciences in Breda. For their final project these students were brought together to investigate social innovation and possible connections and solutions for societal challenges. As a result of this research a report will be written and an article will be published in the magazine Uncover. With a culturally dynamic team consisting of eight young Dutch and German women, Bridge Research Agency strives to create bridges between creative industries and social innovation in order to overcome societal challenges in everyone’s daily life.

I am Yvonne Adriaans and I am a proud citizen of the province Noord-Brabant in the Netherlands. I enjoy working on creating experiences for others. Doing something that enriches the lives of others. This is part of the reason I chose to do my minor in Creative Industries at the NHTV Academy for Leisure in Breda. With this blog I will keep you posted about interesting and inspiring findings that come across in the upcoming time.

Hi, my name is Tessa and I was raised in the beautiful province of Noord-Brabant. After finishing high school, I decided to get a more international perspective and therefore signed up for the International Leisure Management study at the NHTV University of Applied Sciences. During the first two years I lived and studied in Breda, after which I went a year abroad for an exchange and placement. After this year of international experiences, I am excited to start my final year with the minor Creative Industries at the NHTV. On this blog, I will try to inform and inspire through mixing knowledge with humor. So, don’t miss out and check it regularly!

I am Sarah and people say that I have more color on my body than I do in my whole wardrobe. Before I started studying International Leisure Management at NHTV in Breda, I worked as an event promoter in Germany and spend my time volunteering and working for different event and concert agencies. During my studies at NHTV I bounced around the world for a bit, studying Music and Media Management for one semester in Finland and lived in Los Angeles to work for a record label and get into the real deal, the music business. I am very fond of different kinds of music and the music business in general. I read websites like to stay up to date with the business and like to discover new music. When I am not at school you can find me at shows and concerts or somewhere around the world, because I like to travel, especially in the US. With my posts on this blog I hope I will be able to give critical views on social innovation and inspire people with my posts on visual culture. If you are interested in my personal opinion on the world, music and nonsense you should check me out on twitter @sarah_hanke. SH

My name is Nicole and I am a fourth year student at the academy for leisure at the NHTV in Breda, the Netherlands.  I started this study four years ago because of my interest within the events sector, but because I became more interested in the creative industry that is the minor I have chosen to do. Which eventually gave me the opportunity to do this amazing project and inspire you as readers with this blog.

My name is Gizem and I am currently in the last year of my study in International Leisure Management at the NHTV University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, with the minor in Management in Creative Industries. Within the framework of my studies I was able to deepen my knowledge and gain experience during internships in an independent music distribution company and a marketing agency with the focus on events and creative industries in Germany.  On this blog, I will share articles, interesting findings and my thoughts that evolve around Creative Industries in general, social innovation and anything else that is inspiring, fascinating and striking.  So stay tuned!

Hiya! I’m Madelon, 21 and from the Netherlands. Just like the rest, I’m in my fourth year of study in International Leisure Management at NHTV Breda and just got back from my seven-month placement with Oxford City Council. This placement has taught me a lot, but the most important thing I have learned is that my main interests lie in the social subjects such as social innovation and inclusion and different cultures. Furthermore I love to visit events and hope to organise some myself in the future. You can imagine that I am very happy with the topic of this project: Social innovation. I hope to inspire you and to give you a better insight into our project and creative industries with my blogs. Any comments? Please let me know!

Hi there, my name is Alexandra Slebus and I am a fourth-year student of the NHTV University of Applied Sciences. I’m 20 years old and I am currently living in the eastern part of the Netherlands. Last year I have been working on a traditional music and culture festival in Dublin and that made me realise that culture is really ‘my thing’. Especially working with creative people.  I love music, art, visual culture, fashion, literature etc. and the advantage for me with having such interests is that I can find them everywhere around me. Culture is everywhere and I think creativity is of great importance in times like these when the world is changing so fast. When I’m  not working on this project I’m probably doing something related to this project. Kidding. Besides all of this, I also like to be outside, play tennis, cook (read: eat) and be around friends. My favourite things on the internet at the moment are the videos of, the inspiring pictures of , the art & photography section of and this blog!

Hi! My name is Kim. I am 21 and a fourth year student, living in Breda. I already gained a lot of experience in the leisure field. Last year I lived in London for half a year and gained experience in organizing music events for deaf and hearing people:  Deaf and hearing at the same time? YEP! Interesting , think about it! Next to those music events, I gained a lot of experience organizing other events. When I am done with my studies I really like to organize different outstanding events. My interests are in design and fashion. I like to experience new, daring things. Dare to be different! X


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